Disney Cake Smash


We were going to be in California for Hudson’s birthday. We left him with his grandparents most of the days that week, but of course we had to take him on his birthday. So I had an epiphany to let him have his first cake, and sugar for that matter, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

The day before I scoped out the perfect place, a bench to the side of the castle, so we’d be able to get him and the Castle behind him. If we got the bench on the right it would be shaded too, yeah I like to consider all the little details.

He had his own Photopass photographer to capture his moment
He figured out what to do real quick.

Yeah, it worked out. We got a Photopass photographer to take pictures of him. A couple of other cast members stopped and watched the entire time too. Lots of other guests commented on Hudson and thought it was a cute idea. He was like a celebrity with all of the attention and pictures taken.

We also went on Hudson’s favorite rides that day too- Small World, Jungle Cruise, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (his real favorite, he sings along) and the Golden Zephyr.

Happy first birthday little man!

Mission accomplished.



Frozen – Live


Frozen – Live at the Hyperion started today! It conveniently coincided with the last day of our trip. I was hoping that we’d be able to get into a show but thought it might be tricky.

We got into the park when the gates opened (7:30 today) and waited right outside of Hollywood Land until rope drop. Everyone swarmed. Once the park opened everyone swarmed down to the left, towards the Monster’s Inc ride, that’s where the fastpass line was. It was so busy that they didn’t even run the fastpass machines they were just handing out tickets which made it go by a lot faster. I sent my husband with both of our annual passes to get the fastpasses and he got through by 8:04.

The fast passes ran out in the first two hours at least, that was just the next time we went by Hollywood Land and it was well cleared out by then.

We went for Orchestra level seats because Mike noted that in the Aladdin show there was a lot that goes on in the aisle ways of the ground level and if you’re up in the balcony it’s sometimes not possible to see it. This was certainly the case with the Frozen show. So much happened in the aisles that I was so glad to be on the bottom level to see it well.


The sets were probably the most impressive part of this whole production. I’ve seen Frozen enough that the story isn’t too exciting to me at this point but the set really impressed me. It was fun to see what tweaks they made to it also. Mike and I had a big debate about if they would include Anna and Elsa as kids. Surely they couldn’t cut it out, it was pivotal to the story, but they couldn’t have kids in the show. Spoiler Alert: They had the shorter adult actors just do the parts when they were kids, then switched them out for the other actors after they grew up in the show.


Since it was the first showing they had a couple of hiccups going through it all. At one point a director came out onto the stage and made an X with her arms. The whole cast walked off stage and as Olaf walked off he smiled and said “I’ll be right back”. The curtains closed and an announcement came on saying it would resume soon.   At some point in this intermission someone yelled “Bring back Genie” with the theater groaning in unison against it.

A second briefer break in the show happened in a scene change and someone else from the audience yelled “This is awesome”. That time the audience cheered.


I quite enjoyed being able to go to the first public showing of this show. Aladdin lasted about 13 years at the Hyperion theater and with all of the work they put into Frozen I think it has some staying power.