Disneyland Annual Passes!

Proud of his first pass!

After months of wanting and planning for it, I got a Disneyland Pass! I talked my husband into it and we are planning on making 3 or 4 trips over the next year to make it worth it. We decided to each get a different level pass to maximize the benefits and prices of each.

I got the Signature pass because it includes parking, which at $18 a day without the pass makes the extra price of this pass worth it. The Signature also includes higher discounts on food and merchandise. My favorite perk about the Signature annual passport is the PhotoPass pictures are all included! The only difference between the Signature and Signature Plus pass is the last two weeks of December and it costs $200 more for that.

Mike got the Deluxe annual passport because that is the cheapest pass a non California resident can get so it was basically the default choice. The deluxe pass has all major holidays and Saturdays during peak season blocked out.  It wasn’t worth the extra $250 dollars between the Signature and Deluxe passes just for him to be able to go on Saturdays.We can just use the few days he’s blocked out to go to the beach.

We got Walt his very first Disneyland pass since he turned three this trip. It was our first time having to pay admission for him for anything, and we went all out! He got the Southern California Select annual passport. This is the cheapest annual pass for sale. I had my parents (California residents) take him to the ticket booth to get this one for him. This one is blocked out every weekend and all peak times like summer and most holidays. In general those are days you’d want to avoid anyway because of crowds.

We got the passes two weeks ago and I’ve gone 12 times so far! I’m hoping to use this blog to document the experiences we’ve had.