Disney Cake Smash


We were going to be in California for Hudson’s birthday. We left him with his grandparents most of the days that week, but of course we had to take him on his birthday. So I had an epiphany to let him have his first cake, and sugar for that matter, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

The day before I scoped out the perfect place, a bench to the side of the castle, so we’d be able to get him and the Castle behind him. If we got the bench on the right it would be shaded too, yeah I like to consider all the little details.

He had his own Photopass photographer to capture his moment
He figured out what to do real quick.

Yeah, it worked out. We got a Photopass photographer to take pictures of him. A couple of other cast members stopped and watched the entire time too. Lots of other guests commented on Hudson and thought it was a cute idea. He was like a celebrity with all of the attention and pictures taken.

We also went on Hudson’s favorite rides that day too- Small World, Jungle Cruise, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (his real favorite, he sings along) and the Golden Zephyr.

Happy first birthday little man!

Mission accomplished.



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